Alden Parents

Alden Montessori parents are a wonderful bunch! We have a very supportive group of parents that help the school in many ways. We all work together for the children. Our parents are very close nit, forming friendships with each other as well as fostering friendships between the children.

They are a tremendous help to us all year. There are many ways to help depending on the amount of free time you have and any skills that you would like to share. We have parent volunteers who come and read with the children, play music, create art, go on field trips, plan events and much much more! Of course, we have parents who work very hard, long hours. So, we help them out in any way we can.

The parents also like to get together outside of the school for social events with and without the kids!

Parent classes are always a lot of fun, with subjects such as discipline, Montessori curriculum, how to keep our children safe, and many more helpful and informative topics. The parents really love to attend these.

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