Beautiful Classrooms

To fully understand the beauty of a Montessori classroom, you must only step into one. Each classroom is specifically designed for the child, just the way Maria Montessori would have wanted it. The classrooms are beautiful and inviting. Natural light abounds. The furniture and materials are carefully arranged in a thoughtful manner to foster a sense of peace and tranquility.

The walls are a calming natural color, uncluttered, often sporting a carefully chosen framed masterpiece or something made by one of the students.

Curriculum areas contain a wealth of materials carefully designed to foster the hands on learning approach. They are so inviting to the child. These materials engage the children in such a beautiful way and create a deep understanding of the concept at hand.

A quiet place is in every classroom. Lovingly designed to provide a peaceful place where a child can read a book or be read to.

Living plants and pets are in each classroom. These provide a warm and inviting place for the child to spend the day. The children enjoy learning the responsibility of being caretaker to a plant or nurturing a pet.

In this beautiful environment the children go about their day, choosing activities to work with on a floormat or a table, in groups or independently. The environment allows for the children to focus and enjoy their activities while the teacher guides individual students through their curriculum.

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