Celebration of Life

Our celebration of Life is a beautiful Montessori ceremony that celebrates the child’s life. A candle is used to represent the sun and a globe is used to represent the Earth. The child carries the earth and walks around the sun once for each year of his life. After each circle around the sun, the children sing the Celebration of Life song and the birthday child shares a photo of himself at that age as well as something important that happened that year.

This is a beautiful celebration that all the children enjoy, with the focus being completely on the birthday child. This celebration is not meant to replace a birthday party that child might have outside of school. As we celebrate many birthdays throughout the year, and many parents value our dedication to healthy diets, we do not bring cakes, ice cream or goodie bags on these days. We do, however, welcome fruit as children always love that! Strawberries and watermelon excite the children more than cupcakes. Believe it or not!

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