Enrichment Programs

In addition to all the wonderful activities the children enjoy, we offer many wonderful programs in our afterschool program. Our afterschool program is only available to the children that are enrolled here at Alden Montessori School.

Tech for Tots teaches the children about computers. The children become familiar with the computer and learn the basics; such as using a mouse and keyboard, how to navigate the different areas of the computer, and about general computer etiquette. The children then build on their knowledge at their own pace.

Monkeynastix is a gymnastics oriented class for our budding olympians. Building their strength, skill and flexibility is fun!

Spanish is taught by native speaker Adriana Hernandez. She is also a Montessori teacher here at Alden Montessori School as a primary lead teacher. The children learn a lot in her class.

Creative Kids is taught by Lindsey Dykes who has a bachelors degree in art and loves working with kids. They learn many different techniques and use of art media. Mrs. Dykes also loves Montessori and works here at Alden Montessori School.

Musicgarten is the leader in early childhood music education It is an educational program that helps children develop a deep love of music and the ability to express it.

Science and Nature Explorations is a program where children explore the world of animals, marine life, fossils, astronomy and more in this wonder-filled class!

PreMed for Kids is an amazing program where children learn all about the human body.


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