Field Trips

We are dedicated to sharing the culture of our city with the children. The Dallas/Fort Worth area has a wealth of cultural experiences for the kindergarten and elementary students. The parents love to go too!

Alden children go to plays and musicals at such places as the Dallas Theatre Center, Casa Mañana, local universities, and other venues that provide child friendly shows.

The Dallas and Fort Worth Symphonies put on educational shows for the children. The Massive organ in Dallas is always a favorite!

The children enjoy going to places that have lots of animals. We always enjoy the zoos as well as nature preserves, wildlife sanctuaries, and aquariums.

Science, history and art museums are always a big hit. You can learn so much and experience many hands-on exhibits.

For the younger children who don’t go out for field trips, we bring the trips to them! Traveling zoos, plays, singers, and artists bring educational excitement to the school. We had a real, live reindeer join us for the holidays!

Each year brings different experiences for the children as there are so many different things to visit in this wonderful city.

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