On-Site Owners/Directors

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Jere Albanesi


Karyn Dole


Alden Montessori School is very unique as the owners of the school are also the directors and parents. As more and more schools become cookie cutter, corporate owned schools, that personal relationship is lost.

The word Alden means “old friends” in Old English. Jere Albanesi, Karyn Dole, Tom Leming, and Diane Shank have been friends/colleagues for many years, sharing a common interest in the Montessori method. That’s why we chose the name!

We wanted to create the most beautiful Montessori environment where we could all work together right here in our community of Flower Mound.

Our enduring commitment means that we work on-site every day, ensuring that the trust you have put into us is maintained far beyond your expectations. Every facet of the school is watched over, by us, with love and dedication.

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