The Work Cycle

The Montessori work cycle is a treasured part of the day for the child. Equal to playing outside, the child absolutely revels in his work. The work of the child fulfills an internal need for purposeful activity. We adhere to Dr. Montessori’s idea that the three hour work cycle is critical to the child. Many schools continually break the child’s routine with group activities, disrupting their momentum and focus. They take pride in their work and must have the time to complete it to their satisfaction. There is no greater joy than watching a child enjoy being productive.

The children are eager to share their newfound knowledge with their classmates, often giving a younger child a presentation. They build beautiful leadership skills in a mixed-age classroom. The younger children learn so much from watching and interacting with the older children. The older students gain so much pride and self-confidence from being a help to one of their younger classmates as well as reinforcing their knowledge by teaching the concepts they have already learned.


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