The Children’s Day

The children’s day is filled with beautiful and exciting activities.

Our morning begins with a handshake from the teacher, inviting each child into the classroom. The children enjoy seeing each other first thing in the morning, greeting each other as they come.

The children are eager to get to work. They enjoy the Montessori materials and their work is very important to them. They experience all areas of the curriculum during the morning work period: Math, language, reading, writing, as well as a wide array of cultural subjects from geography to botany. During the morning work period children prepare a snack to enjoy with a friend.

After the work period, the children enjoy a short circle time and then go to run and play in the great outdoors on our natural playscape.

Lunch follows with the children enjoying a healthy lunch while reveling in the company of their friends, building strong relationships.

Each class schedule is tailor fit to each age group. Younger children fall fast asleep on their mat for a refreshing nap, while the older children begin their afternoon activities. Cultural subjects, art, music, science, etc. fill the afternoons.

Alas, the end of the day is here, and much to the delight of the parents, their child does not want to go home!


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