Nothing will help you be more comfortable with the difficult decision of where to enroll your child than testimonials from past and present parents. We are  happy to have current parents call you and give you their recommendations in person!


Alden Montessori School exceeds my every expectation. The amazing owners and staff are exceptional down to the last detail. They set the bar high and let your child fly over the top. I cannot imagine a better school for my daughter and love to see how she grows with the staff everyday. You will not find a better environment within 20 miles of Alden to watch your child(ren) learn and develop. I know because I looked at every single school and this was the ONLY option. The wonderful staff gives this building a heart and soul that the other facilities just don’t have. They really do care at Alden and it makes all the difference in the world. – Justin Snyder  


This school is more than just a school, it’s a top notch learning environment that has a warm, home-like feel. The teachers are passionate about the Montessori way of learning and the students thrive off of it. Learn by doing is very prominent here. I recommend this school to anyone looking for an exceptional home for their child to learn. – Victoria B


My daughter goes to Alden and she loves it!! Best staff ever! – Caleb Kindred


My only suggestion is, GET your kids here sooner than later. My son has thrived in the Montessori environment for the last 3 years at a previous school. His love for learning and respecting the world around him has continued into the 1st grade at Alden. We are moving to the area so we can continue his education through 3rd grade at Alden. Mr. Vinson is a teacher whose class I want to attend too! – Stephanie Jones


First and most important to me as a mommy is my son loves this school. He looks forward to his friends and he is excited about learning. Even when we visit family they are always so impressed with his vocabulary and wide span of interests. My son has attended this school for 3 years and we have been nothing short of pleased. As a parent I could not ask for a better and more supportive school environment. – Regina Crone


My daughter has been attending Alden for almost a year and I drop her off every morning knowing she is getting meaningful instruction. I can call Alden’s staff any time of the day to check on my daughter and they happily oblige. The have awesome features like a password protected photo album that’s updated weekly, amazing enrichment courses (my not even 2 year old knows several Spanish phrases and loves the toddler gymnastics classes!), and their staff is professional and very trustworthy. Everyone that works there has a passion for Montessori curriculum and make educated decisions when working with the kids. I won’t send my daughter anywhere else. – Stephanie Brown


My two daughters have been going to Alden for almost 3 yrs now. I chose the school because of the Directors, location and curriculum. All of the kids are treated fairly and shown how to be respectful to others. My girls are excited to go to school every day and even want to stay for after care! There’s no doubt in my mind that Alden was a great choice for us. I recommend this school to everyone I know! – Jamie Wilson


Fantastic school! Both of my children have been attending for almost 2 years now. All of the staff are very good with the children, from the director on down. It is such a relief to know that they are in good hands while being educated. Most days, they are actually disappointed when I pick them up. The school feels like a family. We are fortunate to have found Alden. – Robert Wilson


school like no other, we have had the best experience with Alden Montessori. Previously enrolled at another local school we did not feel we were getting the rewards out of child care we had hoped for. After a tour of the facility and meeting with the director, we made the transition to Alden and her growth has been exponential as well as the benefits immediately noticeable. Although very young (under 2) she is sorting, signing, cleaning, and organizing in ways that we could have never imagined for such a young person. Alden has taken the time to use curriculum that is applicable for each age and skill level ensuring growth no matter what stage your child is in and all with a nurturing touch. Our daughter eagerly hugs each teacher when greeted and leaving her there is not so stressful for mom and dad! We look forward to many more years with Alden Montessori. – Google user


If you are seaching for a school for your child, this is the school you would want your child to to go to. Why? 1. Staff 2. Environment. We are thoroughly pleased with the staff. The staff treats every child as special and pays individual attention. In our school trip, one of the teachers recalled names of children who attended her class 4 years ago. At another school that my son attended for a month , he used to cry every day when we drop him off. Since my son started going to Alden Montessori school, he now wants to stay longer at school!! My son fondly mentions his teacher’s names at home!! The school director is one of the most friendly person we have ever had come across. The school has the environment motivating the children to explore and learn. It is housed in spacious building, with adequate light. – Google user


Walk into the Alden school and you will immediately know that you are in an exceptional place for children. The director will warmly welcome you and offer you a tour. Each child is greeted, too! The entry, office, hallway, and classrooms are spacious, beautiful, and serene. A huge, colorful fish tank captures the children’s imagination as they walk in. Alden emphasizes strong academics in an extremely well organized, quiet, clean, and safe environment. The Montessori learning materials and method engage the child’s mind and interest in learning. The children at Alden are treated respectfully. They can move about in the classroom, like in a library. The teachers give each child individual time while the others are doing their independent work. Each child is motivated to move through the curriculum at his or her own best pace. The office director and teachers at Alden are truly exceptional people who do everything they can to make the child’s day enjoyable and educational. They always let me know what is going on in the school and with my child’s progress. The school uses a modern yellow-school bus for its field trips to fun places and to places like the symphony! All three of my children have been in Montessori since before preschool. My youngest is now going to Alden elementary. The older two are now “A” students in public middle and high school. When I drop my daughter off in the morning, I know she is being treated well, she is safe, and she is learning everything she needs to know to do well in her next schools. – Google user

I can only reiterate every other positive review about Alden. My daughter attends there (for the latter half of 2011 and now 2012) and the results are amazing. My wife and I are very suprised to see how much more she learns there by comparison than at a previous school environment by children of the same age. Alden Montessori has my 4 year old showing off reading, writing, and math skills at home that amaze us every day! I fully agree with every 5 star review posted prior to mine. – Google user