Why We Are Different

We take pride in providing our students with the highest quality education. Our school is dedicated to offering a true Montessori environment. The Montessori Method is time-tested for more than one hundred years, enabling children to love learning and excel beyond their traditionally educated peers. We are licensed by Association Montessori International, which is the highest regarded Montessori organization.

We, the directors of the school, are also the owners. We are Montessori certified, on-site and dedicated to offering the highest quality program. We raised our own children through our Montessori school, which gives us an incredible insight and dedication to having the highest quality environment. With the experience of more than twenty years running a Montessori school, you can trust that we will do it right!

 Our teachers are all dedicated Montessorians, holding Montessori certifications. They adhere to Maria Montessori’s philosophy and hold it close to their hearts. They are warm, nurturing individuals that encourage each student to reach their highest potential. Each teacher has a wealth of experience and are here because they love the philosophy and this school allows them to be the best Montessorian possible.


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